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Zakii in London

We were very fortunate to have Zakii visit the UK this week…and even more fortunate to have him spend some time with us in London! While we’ve obviously filmed a sizeable amount of footage, being able to meet him again in person was a fantastic experience. Here are some pictures from our day out.

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There’s no other way of putting it: hanging out with the main man of our film is always interesting and full of his belly laughs. Here’s Zakii just about keeping it all in for the camera, at Tate Modern with film team members Jin and Annemarie. Zakii was in town for his son’s graduation – certainly one proud dad! We also talked about filming him in London next year…which would be really exciting!

AZA_Looking a bit like Steve McQueen_2014-11-14 15.04.46

Zakii works the Steve McQueen look – in Soho, London.

Spoofing Avengers Jin and Zakii outside Tate Modern_2014-11-14 14.34.04

Jin and Zakii spoof the Avengers (the spies, not the superheroes!) at Tate Modern.

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Zakii wanted to smoke, so we sat outside watching the world go by. Zakii with cinematographer Annemarie: read our interview with her here!

In short, it was a great day out, and a wonderful opportunity to see Zakii in the flesh. Keep a close eye on the site for more info about the film soon.

Tom GibsonZakii in London

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