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The Heart of Inspiration

Whilst filming with Zakii, we’ve come across a rather interesting phrase we’d like to share with you.

In interviews, Zakii has put across the idea of a ‘hole in the soul.’ Broadly speaking, this is not a new idea in and of itself: we can all identify with this idea of desire, of having dreams and wanting things beyond our reach. Still, the phrasing is interesting, as it suggests a deep and profound lack that cannot easily be filled.

As is apparent, Zakii is a remarkable man. More than merely driven or talented, his work suggests a notable open-mindedness, a man prepared to grapple with many different worlds. We have seen it in works like the ‘Meditations’ and the ‘Jeju Island’ series. We’ll see it again when we discuss his work in relation to events like Thaipusam, later this month. Above all, it shows a desire for connection- a desire to grapple with different peoples and cultures, and gain a greater understanding of the world.

What inspires us to aspire? What form do our muses take? Source: Klügmann Painter

Most importantly, Zakii’s work shows an open mind and a non-judgmental attitude, be it in terms of religion, culture or sexuality. If we think of Zakii’s exploration of the world as a hunger- something that doesn’t manifest in any one way- it’s clear it has yet to be sated.

Still, there is one question we haven’t answered here, and it’s what inspired Zakii’s journey in the first place. We all have our own paths towards self-fulfilment, and through Zakii’s journey we aim to get to the root of his inspiration. But at the same time, we’re curious about what you, the audience, hunger for: your own aspirations, and what inspired those dreams to begin with. What do you dream of, and what brought those dreams about to begin with?

Whatever your answer, we’re sure our own film will shed light on Zakii’s path towards self-fulfilment, and show how there are many different paths towards happiness. Let us know what drives you, and why! You can get in touch right here on the site, or through our social channels, which can be seen in the header.

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