Hello and welcome to the official website for Ahmad Zakii Anwar: The Lost Master. This exciting new documentary film is being developed by Second Avenue Productions, producer and director Jin-Theng Craven…and you!

We’ve now shot over half of the film, and are looking to complete it with your help. Over the coming months, we’ll update you on the film’s journey and let you know how you can help if you want to, so please bookmark this site! This site will evolve as the film progresses, so don’t forget to keep checking back. For now, dip into the information we’ve got up on the rest of this site – and give us your feedback any time!

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The Film

“In the process of questioning what is life, the body becomes very interesting…”

Ahmad Zakii Anwar: The Lost Master is a documentary film examining the life and work of one of Malaysia’s greatest artists. Set in Malaysia, the film looks at the 59-year old Ahmad Zakii Anwar, his wonderful body of work, and the conflicts and complications that both have encountered.

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The Artist 

“When I was growing up, I was extremely rebellious…”

Born and educated in Malaysia, Ahmad Zakii Anwar (popularly known as Zakii) worked in graphic design and advertising before becoming the artist known and loved today. Operating outside of the mainstream of the Malaysian arts culture in many respects, he lives and works in his birthplace of Johor Bahru.

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The Team 

“I was very conscious of the fact I was different from many people…”

With a crack team of professionals responsible for the film’s creation, Ahmad Zakii Anwar: The Lost Master is in good hands. Heading the team is Jin Craven, a producer and director with a rich and varied body of experience.

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The Art

“His work has incredible energy…”

“It actually stops you. It gives you a moment of contemplation.”

Working in paint and charcoal, Ahmad Zakii Anwar has produced an enviable selection of work, covering a diverse range of subject matter. From still life, to animals, to figure drawing, all of his work features a starkness, an unflinching honesty, that fills you with absolute faith in him and his abilities.

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