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Introductions: Zainah and Eddin

Whilst watching the trailer for our film, you may be wondering about the identities of some of the people appearing in it. We’d like to take the opportunity to shed some light on who they are.

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This woman is none other than Zainah Anwar, Zakii’s sister and a prominent activist in Malaysia. She is the co-founder and former director of Sisters in Islam, which is dedicated to promoting an understanding of Islam based on principles of justice and equality, as well as fighting for women’s equality in a broader sense. She was awarded the Legion d’Honneur earlier this year for her involvement with the organisation. She is also a former member of the Human Rights Commission of Malaysia, and a columnist for the Sunday Star (the country’s leading English-language newspaper.)  We’re very pleased to get her perspective on Zakii’s art.

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This man is Eddin Khoo: a writer, translator, journalist and founder of non-profit organisation Pusaka, which supports traditional performance art in Malaysia. Born in Kuala Lumpur in 1969, he started work as a journalist for Malay paper the Sunday Star in 1994, which helped to calcify his interest in the Malaysian arts. He founded Pusaka shortly after as well as publishing house Kula, which specialises in translating texts into Malay. He has worked with musicians, dramatists and even shadow puppeteers, and has had several books published on traditional art and poetry. He also contributes comment and opinion pieces to a range of newspapers: in short, he is a man with a rich and storied artistic background, and his contribution to the film is greatly appreciated.

We hope this helps to demystify who some of the people are who appear in the trailer, and demonstrates the level of expertise we’re fortunate to have to hand.

Tom GibsonIntroductions: Zainah and Eddin

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