Have Your Say: ASEAN and The Future

With Zakii’s LSE appearance on the 28th of February fast approaching, we want to shed a little light on some of the topics he’ll be covering…and hear your thoughts on the subject as well.

As we mentioned earlier, the talk will be focussing on the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, founded back in 1967. An economic project similiar to entities like the European Union, its aims are to ‘accelerate economic growth, social progress and cultural development’ in the region of Southeast Asia. Co-operation amongst the nations in this area is significant as it’s incredibly diverse: it includes Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, and several other countries, and while they share some common elements (like their main religions) they are as different from one another as any other collection of countries. ASEAN is a way of bringing these countries together for a greater purpose.

Now, the talk and its subject matter raised on the 28th is relevant to us not only because Zakii is discussing it, but also because ASEAN’s motivations have an impact on Zakii and other artists. As the LSE website mentions, economic success has been huge in countries within the ASEAN region: a force often hostile to true creativity. In that light, we’d like to get your opinions: ASEAN’s primary purpose, in practice, seems to be encouraging economic growth while other areas like art and culture appear secondary on the agenda. Is pursuing economic prosperity above all else feasible, or even desirable, when it’s done to the exclusion of everything else? Let us know by posting a comment below! And don’t forget that tickets for the LSE event are now available: click here to reserve them.

For an update on ASEAN’s activities in the near future, click here for a good breakdown of the topic from The Guardian.

Tom GibsonHave Your Say: ASEAN and The Future

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