Going to the Pictures: Jin at MIPDoc

We’re pleased to report that Jin is going to be attending a prestigious documentary film conference this month! Taking place in Cannes on the 11th and 12th of April, MIPDoc is dedicated to factual and documentary programming across a broad spectrum of topics.

With over 1,000 films, 700 participants and over 50 countries being represented, it promises to be an exciting and diverse experience for everyone attending. It’s also a great opportunity for filmmakers to network and get some much-needed exposure for their projects.

Much of what’s going on will be strictly instructional rather than entertaining, but some films are getting a chance to shine there. One such example is Ø Gravity, A Mission in Space, a documentary about two astronauts’ first journey into space. We’re sure Jin will be keeping an eye out for various interesting new films and plug into keynote talks while she’s there.

Indeed, she’ll be going with a business head on: we’re treating it as a chance to meet some new people within the documentary film world, as well as making sure we’re keeping track of the latest industry trends. And, of course, she’ll be getting the word out about various projects: obviously this film, but also her previous work, most notably our film on Chua Ek Kay (more info here) and future projects in development.

In short, MIPDoc promises to be a massive opportunity for us and some much-needed exposure for our film. We’ll be sure to post more information on it nearer the time.

(MIPDoc logo taken from http://pressroom.miptv.com.)

Tom GibsonGoing to the Pictures: Jin at MIPDoc

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