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Filming at the London School of Economics

The Southeast Asia Centre (SEAC) presented a successful event “Rebellion and Foundations” at the LSE Literary Festival last weekend. We managed to get great film footage of  Zakii at this event for a segment in our film, and we’ll be putting some teaser clips up here when we’ve settled down a bit after the shoot and got our heads together! For now, here’s LSE’s own audio podcast of the panel discussion featuring Southeast Asian panelists Ahmad Zakii Anwar, Nickson Fong and Yang-May Ooi, and chaired by Dr Felicia Yap of the LSE.

In the meantime, we’d also like to share some pictures we were able to snap while we were in London! Again, we’ll post a few more once we’ve organised ourselves back at our desks. These photos were taken on Fournier Street, and they just go to show how vibrant and diverse a place like London can be. It’s especially striking considering these were taken within a relatively short distance of one another: you can see for yourself in Google Street View. Brick Lane is a favourite haunt of Zakii’s, and we had an absolute blast filming there with Zakii. Let us know your own experiences in Brick Lane – share with us your own photos, too, if you’d like to be part of our upcoming photo gallery! Email to get in touch.



We took some pictures with Zakii in the frame…


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Tom GibsonFilming at the London School of Economics

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