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Directors Abroad: Jin’s Adventures in Cambodia

For today’s article, our film’s director and producer Jin-Theng Craven talks a little about a recent journey she took.

“Found myself in Cambodia last month and took this photo of the “Mona Lisa of Southeast Asia,” based in Angkor Thom.


(photo credit: Jin-Theng Craven]

“Angkor Thom means “the great city” in Khmer and was the last and most enduring capital city of the Khmer empire. The 12th-century royal Buddhist city is especially famed for its grand and sacred Bayon Temple. The enigmatic multiple stone statues are truly impressive in scale, concept and execution!

As I’m living and breathing #ZakiiFilm at the moment, I got back from my travels and compared my photo (and other travel book versions!) with those images expressed on Zakii’s canvases. Take a look at some of Zakii’s works here, from Zakii’s Facebook page:





Well, okay…the last image isn’t of a face! But many of you will know that the torso represented in the painting hints of Hindu and Buddhist cosmology, too. Where is Zakii going with all this?  

“My research for the film got me asking why Zakii produced a series of paintings called ‘Meditations’, featuring a range of religious iconography and to much public consternation, apparently! My documentary reveals how significant this series was to Zakii personally and to his male nude paintings, which Zakii admits to be his most important works. It’s an amazing story I want to share with you.”

Tom GibsonDirectors Abroad: Jin’s Adventures in Cambodia

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