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Lately we’ve been talking amongst ourselves about how we want to convey the film’s overarching themes to you, particularly when there are some aspects we haven’t really talked about.

Obviously we want to keep some things back to give you the biggest impact upon seeing the film, but we’ve also put together a little teaser paragraph that should whet your appetite.

We’ve also got some choice bits of footage to share with you: Zakii hard at work in his studio, and also putting the finishing touches on one of his masterpieces. These are from Zakii’s own files. For now, take a look below and see if you are further intrigued…

True art comes from pain: from the effort required to undertake it, the torment of the artist, or the retribution we risk when we express something truly honest. For legendary Malaysian artist Ahmad Zakii Anwar, all three have played a part in his artistic journey. A rebellious figure from youth, his work is stunning in its quality and slyly subversive in its subject matter, emerging from a man that rejects his society’s notions of suitable careers and cultural impropriety. But this offbeat nature goes far deeper than his paintings: this is just the surface layer. There is far more lurking beneath…

Join us as we embark on a journey to understand both Zakii’s art and the man behind the pictures: to understand how his decisions have made him an outsider in his own country…but also a man to be deeply admired and respected. An intimate and enlightening look at a sensitive and complex man, Edge of Obedience is the detailed portrait of one of Malaysia’s greatest living artists.

Tom GibsonArt in Action

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