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About the Film

In the tradition of past work like Being and Becoming Chua Ek Kay, Second Avenue Productions’ latest work aims to open the door to an artist – and an artistry – that never fails to amaze. Ahmad Zakii Anwar: The Lost Master is a documentary film that examines the life and work of one of Malaysia’s greatest living artists.

A life and work demanding greater attention

A man rebelling against authority, conscious of his idiosyncrasy, and described as ‘a very ancient being…working in a very modern context,’ Ahmad Zakii Anwar is a complex man and a compelling artist. Despite the many beautiful paintings and drawings to his name and a critically acclaimed following in his home country, he remains relatively unknown outside of Malaysia. Zakii is an artist whose life and work demands greater attention…an issue which Second Avenue is trying to address.


The film reveals the remarkable story of a troubled man searching for answers through art. Against the culturally rich backdrop of the region known as Southeast Asia, where mysticism and modernity collide, the film offers fresh insights into the notion of “the tortured artist” – viewers are drawn into an intimate journey into the artist’s interior world, with a compelling trail of clues, evocatively visualised, to help viewers discover the real motivations and influences behind his mark-making and obsessions, that have made him the critically acclaimed artist he is today. The final reveal is both unexpected and poignant.We hope you will join us on this spectacular journey towards understanding this unusual and talented individual.
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